Friday, March 10, 2006

PowerPoint Games

Well, for our new and fantabulous project we had to create a game in about a month. My original plan was to create a game in Flash that was a side-scrolling shooter starring either Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. (player’s choice) They had to fight their way through the deep south, Moscow, and a gulag, while killing Klansmen, Stalin, the Red Army, L. Ron Hubbard, an elite commando task force that is comprised of John Travolta clones, and eventually Holy Supreme Red Scientologist Father Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, aka Tom Cruise. The game would feature a Push it to the Limit theme song, and when the player wins, the game plays Voodoo Child (Slight Return), by Jimi Hendrix. The theme songs for the bosses (Stalin, Hubbard and Cruise) would be The Imperial March.

But obviously that's too much work to do in a month. So I wound up doing a black culture game derived from the I Know Black People sketch on Chappelle's Show. The game's actually pretty interesting, if anyone knows how to put it online, I will.