Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Second Semester

Second Semester started today, um...we are going to be learning all about the exciting world of PowerPoint, and we are going to quite literally make a gameon the computer, using Flash animation, or something else. When I heard this, it seemed like something that belongs in Computer programming, but whatever. I don't know what I'm going to do for my game, but it doesn't matter now, so...yeah.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

8 'Interesting' things about Excel

Here are 8 so-called interesting things about Excel. I was originally supposed to do 5, and then 3, but I never did the original 5. So, yeah.

Using a function in a formula
First, type = in the cell, and then the ‘code’ for the function (ex: SUM). Put the data in parentheses in the cell, after the code, and it should automatically do the work for you. Also, you can use the AutoSum toolbar icon. Like anyone actually knows what it looks like.

Applying and modifying cell formats
To change the look of cells and entries, just go to the toolbar and icons to adjust a plethora of things, like font, size, italics, bold, underline and font color. O Joy, O ecstacy.

Shading a cell Shading a cell is a very simple thing to do. Just Highlight the shading victim, and go to Format on the menu bar, then cells, and then patterns. Bathe the enemy in a fiery purple haze. Oh, wait. They might like that. But you get the idea.

Hiding or revealing rows and columns The red menace is on to you. The only way to save little Susie is to hide your data. How? Well, go to the header of the desired column or row, and right click on it. Selecting hide will…well…hide the row or column. When the time is right, show yourself and neutralize the enemy. Go to the slight right column, or lower row. Right click>unhide will annihilate the commies and save America!

Organizing Worksheets
Excel automatically starts you off with 3 sheets. To add more, just go to Insert, then worksheet. You can do this an additional 252 times, for a total of 255 Worksheets.To move a WS, just click and drag, but in the same workbook (Excel window). To move one from Workbook A to workbook B, open WB-B. Go to window, then arrange to have the two WB’sbe in the same window. Then just click and drag. And I have a feeling the WB is going to sue me if I say WB again. Crap.

Wanna tell your friends how bad their work is? Well, all you have to do is insert a comment. To do that, just click on the cell, go to Insert, then comment, and type the comment. To make it permanently show up, right-click the comment after re-selecting the cell, and choose “show comment”Special Pasting Choose the cell(s) you need to copy or cut. Then, copy or cut them. Go to Edit, then Paste Special. This should be pretty clear from hereon, but if it’s not, then customize your options and click “OK”

Previewing Data in a printable worksheet
Okay, let us close off with an easy one. To preview the data in a printable form (a.K.a. Print preview), Go to, well, File, then print Preview. For the laziest of the lazy, click the page with a magnifying glass icon in the toolbar.

That wasn’t that hard, now was it. Quit yer whining, I didn’t give you permission to complain like a Frenchman. And also, I have since cleaned up the word post, so, look at it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Updates I have to do, and I may or may not get around to them

Yeah, the other day we got news that we have to make some updates by I think the 11th. We have to clean up the posts about word, since most of us (including me) simply copied and pasted the notes she did. After we do that, then we have to post 10 "interesting" things we learned in Excel. The problem with that is that Excel is not interesting, so I'll just randomly choose 10 things and talk about them at some future date.